Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Play Your PSP Games on Your Android ,iphone,windows&blackberry Device with PPSSPP

PSP is a very popular portable console in children’s and youngsters. Every kid wants to have a PSP in their pocket. Because it’s very compact PlayStation we can take it everywhere even in a toilet we can play our favorite games. Its feature not just end on the games it has many features like listen to music, surf on internet, watching movies and many other things. But time has changed now our android and iPhone mobile are enough powerful to become our PSP. Some of us wanted to have a PSP but that time we were kid and didn’t have money in pocket to buy PSP. And now when we have money we don’t want to waste on PSP because now we think it has limited features because our mobile has more and many more features than a PSP all because of Android and IOS who changed the whole environment and meanings of a mobile. Now we are capable of running a PSP emulator on our android and iPhone mobiles.
Android PSP Emulator
There is no doubt that the Android games a real big challenge for play station portable in this electronic world. We daily see latest apps from Google play store. They daily introduce one of the finest application that we never seen before. One of them knows as PPSSPP it’s a first PSP emulator for Android and iPhone which is written in C++ programming. its created by henrik rydgard co founder of dolphin and gc/wii emulator.

How We Can Run PSP Games On Android

  • First just go to official site or search in Google app store to download PPSSPP. Now just download it and install on your android. It’s completely free until you don't download PPSSPP Gold for android. You can download gold edition as well but i suggest you to try free version before buying gold edition of PPSSPP.
  • After that you won’t get any game with it. But you can test thi semulator by downloading a cube test program from official PPSSPP site before getting a game. 
  • You will need a PSP games in ISO or CSO file format. I personally prefer ISO format because its run faster than CSO. Put it in your memory card.
  • Run PPSSPP and click load and select game and enjoy your android PSP mobile.
Note: You must have mid-end or high-end android mobile to play games smoother. Remember that it’s still a new and a prototypeemulator so it’s compatible with very less games you can check compatibility list from official site of this emulator. You will see more games in compatibility list with more speed and improved interface in future version of this emulator.

PPSSPP for Android

Download the latest version of this PSP emulator on Google Play, or simply download and install the .apk files from here (surf to this page and touch this button on your device, make sure that you have enabled non-Play-Store installs):


There is not yet an installer, just download the ZIP file and unpack it where you like.
You may need to install the VC2010 redist (some DLL files). Also, if it still doesn't work, try installing the latest DirectX and OpenGL drivers for your graphics card.


PPSSPP now works on jailbroken iPhone and iPad with Cydia. Some people have set up Cydia repositories, updated at various frequencies, look to the right. angelXwind's repo is updated the most often, however some people are reporting better speed with The Avenger's.
NOTE: As with all other builds, these are used on your own risk, the PPSSPP project takes no reponsibility for the contents.
For more, check the Forums.


This is a Blackberry 10 port of PPSSPP. You will have to figure out how to install it :) Thanks to xsacha for doing the build.

Meego / Harmattan

This is a Meego port of PPSSPP. You will have to figure out how to install it :) Thanks to xsacha for doing the build.


This is a Symbian port of PPSSPP. You will have to figure out how to install it :) Thanks to xsacha for doing the build.


angelXwind hosts unofficial builds, see links to the right.
angelXwind's OSX SDL build (OSX 10.6+):download


You can download the source, or use one of the unofficial builds to the right.


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