Saturday, September 1, 2012

Remotely Shutdown And Restart Any Computer In Your Network

1.Press Win+R to open Run.

2.Write 'cmd' (without quotations) and press Enter.

3.In the cmd write shutdown -i
   Now press Enter.

4.Now a window will open like this;

5.Click on add to enter the IP Address of the computer that you want to shutdown or restart -OR-If you are connected to any network (like school,office) then click browse to get all the computers of that network.

6.Select anyone of the option what do you want to do (shutdown,restart or annotate unexpected shutdown)

7.Now if you want to warn user about your action than tick the 'Warn users for the action' and set the time-OR-un tick it

8.Now in the last 'Comment' field write any comment and press OK.


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