Sunday, November 9, 2014

Microsoft Script Browser

Microsoft Script Browser

Download Script Browser

You can search, download and manage 9000+ TechNet script samples covering ALL Microsoft IT products from within the scripting environment. Script Browser even supports offline search for users to download scripts and search them when they do not have internet access.


Here are the main features in Script Browser:

1. Search, Download, and Learn Script Samples

With the Script Browser, nearly 10,000 scripts on TechNet are available at your fingertips. You can filter scripts by scripting languages (e.g. PowerShell, VBScript, T-SQL), by author (e.g. the Exchange Team), and by category (e.g. Exchange).


You can download and reuse the script sample, and even read the script documentation from within the Script Browser. 


2. Download Scripts and Offline Search

We often see script writers have to compose scripts in Enterprise environments that do not allow public internet access. They cannot search for script samples on the internet. Script Browser comes to the rescue. 

Script Browser allows you to download all interesting script samples with one button click when you have the internet access.


When you go offline, you can switch to the Downloads tab and enjoy the exact same search experience among all downloaded script samples. 



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