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Troubleshooting the iPhone repairs From Common to Rare case scenarios

Troubleshooting the iPhone repairs From Common to Rare case scenarios:
·        Touch not working
·        Touch id not working
·        Boot looping
·        Not charging
·        Over Heating
·        No signal
·        Mobile data not working
·        Cranky ear speaker
·        Cranky loud speaker
·        Colors are not accurate
·        Stain or mark on screen

Touch not working

·         Most common software glitch easy solution just perform a soft reset or check for pending software update or update and restore using iTunes.
·         Digitizer connectors might be loose or dirty, clean them and reconnect them.
·         Screen could be faulty try replacing the screen.
·         Touch IC’s (two Touch IC chips—known as the U2402 Meson and Cumulus U2401 chips) could be damaged due to liquid or improper repair.

Touch id not working

·         Most common software glitch easy solution just perform a soft reset or check for pending software update or update and restore using iTunes.
·         Check the home button connector for any damage and reconnect it after gentle cleaning.
·         Make sure you always heat the home button before removing it from LCD panel.
·         Make sure you don’t put pressure on u10 turtle IC (glassy material on home button flex) while removing or installing the home button on iPhone 7 and above models.

Boot looping

·         Most common software glitch easy solution just perform a soft reset or check for pending software update or update and restore using iTunes.
·         It could be a faulty battery, so try new battery.
·         Make sure all the connectors are connected properly because on every reboot new iPhone OS check all the components of phone if any of them is faulty or is not connected it boot loop multiple times.
·         Major hardware component is damaged.

Not charging

·         Visually check the charging port for any lint or dirt inside it, use the sim eject tool or pointy tweezers to clean the lint/dirt from charging port. You can also use high pressure compressed air to clean it.
·         If you find some sort of corrosion inside the charging port use alcohol to clean the corrosion with use of a brush.
·         Faulty charging cable or wall plug.
·         It could be a faulty battery, so try new battery.
·         It could be a faulty charging port try new charging port.
·         It could be charging controller USB IC which might be damaged.

Over Heating

·         Most common software glitch easy solution just perform a soft reset or check for pending software update or update and restore using iTunes.
·         Device could be water damaged and need water damage treatment.
·         It could be a faulty battery, so try new battery.
·         Incompatible part replacement.
·         Poor/unprofessional repair.
·         It could be major logic board component failure.

No signal

·         It could be the software glitch need soft reset or OS update.
·         SIM card could be non-active, or you could be in no network zone.
·         Coaxial network cable might not be connected or loose.
·         Bent frame can also cause no signal.
·         Damaged network antenna.
·         Malfunctioning of Network controller IC.
·         Damaged SIM card slot or SIM connector pins.

Mobile data not working

·         Quick check in settings, mobile data is turned on or not.
·         Check for the Network provider specific APN setting, a quick google search for APN setting will help.
·         Check if the user has the data plan to use the mobile data.
·         Check if user had not reached the mobile data limit by network provider.
·         In rare case scenario it could be a software glitch which might need soft reset or software update.

Proximity sensor not working

·         Always heat the front camera flex before removing.
·         Check the front camera flex, it should be properly aligned on the bracket of the LCD panel.
·         Make sure the paint on the LCD panel is transparent enough so that proximity sensor gets enough light.
·         In some cases, you might need to scratch or peel of the paint from LCD panel to make is transparent.
·         Check the front camera flex for any damage or loose connection.
·         Try replacing the front camera flex if needed.

Unable to remove bottom screw

·         Always make sure you are using pentalobe(p2) screw driver otherwise you might strip the screw.
·         If the screw is rotating freely try lifting the screen using jimmy tool, then try to unscrew it using pentalobe(p2) screw driver.
·         If its to striped, try using a flat head screw driver to remove the bottom screw.
·         Try using a rubber band on the screw to increase the grip of striped screw.
·         Carefully use a drop of super glue to firm the grip of screw driver with the striped screw.
·         In case, if you are going to change the screen then you can apply excessive force using a jimmy or any other prying tool to break the brackets of bottom screw, because new screen will come with new bottom screw brackets.

Cranky ear speaker

·         Try cleaning the ear speaker mesh.
·         Check the ear speaker alignment over the LCD panel.
·         Try replacing the ear speaker unit.
·         In some cases, ear speaker mesh on LCD panel is very dirty so as replacing the screen will be one of the options.
·         It could be a software glitch try doing OS update or soft reset.
·         It could be a malfunction of the logic board.

Cranky loud speaker

·         Try cleaning the loud speaker mesh.
·         Check the loud speaker alignment over the frame and charging port flex.
·         Try replacing the loud speaker unit.
·         Try replacing the charging port flex, as it connects the loud speaker.
·         It could be a software glitch try doing OS update or soft reset.
·         It could be a malfunction of the logic board.

Not registering to the network

·         It could be the software glitch need soft reset or OS update
·         Check the SIM card is installed and active, make sure you are in good network zone.
·         Check the network settings and try searching for network manually.
·         Coaxial network cable might not be connected or loose.
·         Bent frame can also cause no signal.
·         Damaged network antenna.
·         Malfunctioning of Network controller IC.
·         Damaged SIM card slot or SIM connector pins.

Colors are not accurate

·         Color quality and color saturation of iPhone LCD depends upon the manufacturer of the LCD panel. None of the third-party manufacturer can have the same quality of screen as the OEM apple screen.
·         Only the OEM and AAA quality screens are compatible with polarized sun glasses which means you can clearly see the screen while wearing a polarized sun glasses.
·         AAA quality screens can not generate as accurate colors as OEM screen but stills it’s the best we can get from third-party manufacturers.
·         To improve the color quality of third part screens, do the following steps:
Ø  Go to settings.
Ø  Then click on general settings
Ø  Then click on accessibility
Ø  Then click on display accommodations
Ø  Then click on color filters
Ø  Toggle the switch from off to on.
Ø  Adjust different filter settings to generate best color quality and saturation levels

Stain or mark on screen

·         Usually you see the dark stains on LCD due to some sort of pressure underneath the LCD panel.
·         Check the alignment of LCD back plate.
·         Check the alignment of LCD controller IC which is usually located on the LCD connector flex.
·         Check for any bend in the frame of the phone.
·         Check for any loose parts or screw in the phone.
·         Specially from iPhone 7 and above make sure LCD flex and back plate are installed in proper alignment (some suppliers provide cardboard cut-outs of easy alignment of back plate and flex)
·         In rare case it could be a faulty LCD panel so try replacing the LCD screen

Very dim screen or no back light

·         It could be a liquid damaged phone
·         Screen could be faulty try replacing with new screen
·         Check for any open soldering on LCD flex and cover it with thermal tape.
·         Back light IC on logic board could have been damaged.

Ear speaker grayed out or no sound during calls

·         It is a recent issue with some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which is due to malfunctioning of audio controller IC on logic board.
·         Visit apple store this issue is known to them, so they could provide you with new device with some deductible charges

Multiple clicks or no click but touch id working

·         A known issue when you put too much pressure on u10 turtle IC (glassy material on home button flex) while removing or installing the home button on iPhone 7 and above models.
·         To prevent it make sure you always heat the home button before removing it from LCD panel.
·         Don’t use any metal tool to pry out the home button
·         Visit the apple store do a screen replacement it will come with new working touch id home button.


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