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How to Send Friend Requests on Facebook when you are Blocked

Facebook is an good Social media that keeps us to be in always contact with our Relatives, friends, and Family. Facebook is harsh in their policies, even though it is for connecting the people all over world, it do not encourage the spam or adding strangers. Everyone had faced this problem once in your life , as you friend requests are blocked and you cannot send the friend request

The Facebook is using this rule to just secure the people from spam and Make them more comfortable, More over the Pending of larger Facebook requests are the major reason for your ban
Better to clear the Pending friend requests, Now i am going to tell the Steps for sending the friend requests even though you are Blocked
How to Send the Friend Requests in Block Period

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How to Send friend requests when you are Blocked

1) First go to this link. When you are trying to add an friend, you need the Email address of the Person whom you are going to add.

There are two ways to get the Email id of the Person

  • by his/her Profile
  • by any other ways
2) When you want more friends, better to create a Contact file

3) The Easy way to Create a Contact file 
  • Create an new text document in notepad
  • Now add the Email addresses separated by comma (,)
  • Save this file with the Extension .vcf
  • The saved file is your Contact File
4) Upload your contact file by going to this link , after opening this link there are so many options, at the bottom we can see Other Tools 
  • Click the Other Tools and you will find the Option to Upload your File

5) Click "OK" when you are done with your work.

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