Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Tag all your Friends on a Facebook Status in a Single Click

I wrote a lot of Facebook Tricks on my blog.Today here I am back with a special trick on "How to Tag all your Friends on a Facebook Status in a single click".Using this trick you can invite all your friends to view your status.This way you can get a lot of exposure if you are promoting any brand or you can invite all your friends to like your photo or status.
The technique is very simple even though the code is a little complex.This trick is currently working perfectly on Google Chrome Browser, so I recommend you to use Google Chrome while performing this trick.
  • Login to your Facebook Account on Google Chrome Browser.
  • Post A Status.
  • Then click on the time stamp of the status, so that your status will open in a separate window.
  • Now press Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Now a windows will pop out below.
  • switch+to+console+paste+code+and+hit+enter+ignore+errors+if+any
    • Switch to the Console Tab and paste the below code over there and hit Enter.

  • Ignore if you get any error and just wait for a while.
  • Within few seconds all your friends must be tagged in the status.
  • That's all friends you are done.
  • Hope you enjoyed the trick.
This script is tested and its perfectly working on Google Chrome.If you are facing any issues do let us know in your comments below.
Note:Don't Spam using this trick, use it wisely and this tutorial is only for educational purpose.

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